Your Work Is Invaluable

Dear Dr. Taddei, We are writing to express our deep appreciation for al of your work with Asher. The improvements she made with her behavior, body movement, reading ,writing and overall eyesight were significant. She really enjoyed working with you and the relationship you built with her was truly special. We also wanted to acknowledge […]

Nothing Short of Miraculous

Two years after a serious head injury I still suffered from double vision and was unable to see in 3D. Up until the injury I was very active – running, cycling, hiking, and working out at the gym. As I slowly began to regain function, I found I was only able to walk, and then […]

Thank You for the Amazing Gift!

Dear Dr. Taddei We wanted to thank you for the amazing gift you gave our son through the results he attained with vision therapy. The world of books has opened up to him! He now reads whenever he gets a chance. When Caden first began vision therapy, he was a year behind his peers in […]

We Appreciate Your Care and Fun Spirit.

Dear Dr. Taddei, Thank you for all of your help with Lucas! His vision and ability have improved so much wince we started coming to see you. We so appreciate all the care, love and fun spirit you bring to your work. Thank you for all of your guidance during our vision journey! With much […]

Like a Door Was Finally Unlocked

Dear Dr. Taddei, I had been one month since we finished our last session of vision therapy. I wanted to write you to tell you about how well my son is doing. As you know, his reading and comprehension skills had improved through his work with you, but I am amazed that his improvement is […]

So Much More Confidence Now

I would like to recommend Dr. Iole Taddei, Vision Therapist, to any parent whose child is trying their best but still struggles with their school work. My daughter, Aria, was having trouble learning her ABC’s and numbers in kindergarten; advancing to reading and writing was becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, Aria had a hard time focusing […]

I See Better than I Did in High School

Dear Iole, This is my story. Please use it to help motivate others to try what you teach. When I came to Dr. Taddei my eyes were often red and irritated and a spot on the white part of my left eye would get swollen and make a small bump. My eye sight was getting […]

Weekly Sessions Were Life Changing

To Whom it May Concern, I cannot begin to tell you what a difference Dr. Iole Taddei and Vision Therapy have made in the life of my son, Manuel. My husband and I adopted Manuel from the foster care system when hew as 6 years old. I am an elementary school teacher, and as such, […]

A Relief for Us All!

Dear Dr. Taddei, Thank you very much for your with with my son! You have helped him on so many levels and improved the quality of our family life! Before receiving vision therapy, my son would struggle with homework every night. What should have taken him 45 minutes to complete become a 4 hour routine […]

I Am Truly Grateful

Dear Iole, Thanks so much for all the help and healing you have given me over the years. I am truly grateful. Take care, Brandy