A Relief for Us All!

Dear Dr. Taddei,

Thank you very much for your with with my son! You have helped him on so many levels and improved the quality of our family life! Before receiving vision therapy, my son would struggle with homework every night. What should have taken him 45 minutes to complete become a 4 hour routine of tears, anger and loss of important family bonding.

My son could answer multiplication problems off the top of his head, but presented with a sheet of problems he would immediately start talking about how stupid he was.

He could be given an essay topic and answer questions orally in an articulate manner, but sit him in from of a blank piece of paper or computer screen he would get himself worked up into an emotional state because one couldn’t write down the PERFECT opening sentence.

My husband and I ended our nights in frustration, utterly wiped out.

Coming to you was a relief for us ALL! The first week of vision homework was so difficult! I honestly wondered if it could possibly be with it! I’d have to remind myself that what seemed so easy for me (crossing my eyes or tracking movement) was something his body was still learning to do.

Within 1 week i saw a difference! The homework you’d given him that had been so hard at first was no something he could easily do! His attitude toward himself and his schoolwork changed, as he saw how working hard was paying off.

I appreciated that every time we came to your office, you were excited to see my son. You really cared about what he was learning about himself. You established a rapport with him. He was honest with you, accountable, motivated. Not many adults can do that with a 12-year-old boy!

My son comes home from school now with a clearer, more organized idea of what homework needs to be done, how to go about it, and what he can do if he’s having trouble understanding. He is willing to approach teachers if he needs help, because he now knows enough o understand what he doesn’t understand! I love picking him up and hearing how excited he is about class discussion in which he participated, or how what he was reading class made sense to him and he was able to explain it to others.

Dr. Taddei, thank you for taking the time and care to help us to be more supportive of our son’s needs, and to help him build both his confidence and ocular muscle strength.

Windy Creath

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