Changed My Life for the Better

Dear Dr. Taddei

I want you to know how much the eye therapy I have been doing with you for a number of months has changed my life for the better.

Since I had a brain tumor removed in 1981 which caused diplopia and necessitated prisms in my glasses to see a single image, i have had numerous ophthalmological check-ups. It was never suggested to me that there could be any improvement made in my vision. Through your careful assessment, suggestions, exercises, and encouragement, I significantly reduced my prisms and strengthened my eyes and look forward to continuing this work.

I also regularly carried and use a cane. I no longer need it on a regular basis and use it only when I anticipate having difficulty walking, which is seldom. The improvement in my vision has definitely improved my balance.

It does take commitment on the patient’s part to practice regular eye exercises and is not a “quick-fix” solution. Along with the visual improvement there are many other benefits – better reading comprehension and memory, reinforcement of my ability to control and improve and important aspect of my life, increased self-confidence and well-being. I am very pleased that I can take and active part in my therapy.

With your help, I feel I have significantly altered my vision and life for the better, and I will always be grateful.


Martha Mac Laren

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