I See Better than I Did in High School

Dear Iole,

This is my story. Please use it to help motivate others to try what you teach.

When I came to Dr. Taddei my eyes were often red and irritated and a spot on the white part of my left eye would get swollen and make a small bump. My eye sight was getting worse and worse as I got older and I would strain all the time trying to see what I could not see. The muscles in my face were tight an I squinted a lot.

Your program was some work and took some dedication. But I could see better even after my first visit. What you taught me made sense to me and I got results right away. I could noticeably see better right away and with time and some work my eyes got better and better. I now see better than I did when I was in high school. I am now 45 and have 20/20 vision.

It takes some work and dedication but after a while it becomes fun and the results far out weigh any effort it is to teach your eyes to see and strengthen the muscles. The logic behind what Dr. Taddei teaches make sense and works.

Brad Schwan

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