Like a Door Was Finally Unlocked

Dear Dr. Taddei,

I had been one month since we finished our last session of vision therapy. I wanted to write you to tell you about how well my son is doing. As you know, his reading and comprehension skills had improved through his work with you, but I am amazed that his improvement is still continuing. It is like a door was finally unlocked for him. He continues to read for his school assignments, but he also chooses to read for pleasure. My son’s teacher remarked to me today that he is now very capable of staying on-task during class, and I am astounded that he no longer need guidance to complete his homework.

The kinesthetic aspect of his vision therapy has helped him with balance and coordination in sports such ad basketball and baseball. The overall effect of the therapy has been to calm his nervous system and allow him to focus on what he is doing in the moment.

We very much appreciate the patient and loving way in which you were able to affect these changes in our son.

Christine Dillon

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