Nothing Short of Miraculous

Two years after a serious head injury I still suffered from double vision and was unable to see in 3D. Up until the injury I was very active – running, cycling, hiking, and working out at the gym.

As I slowly began to regain function, I found I was only able to walk, and then only with my eyes looking down at the ground. Looking up was dangerous, as I was unable to make sense of what I was seeing and couldn’t hold focus for longer than three-seconds. Driving and riding a bike were too risky since I was unable to process what I was seeing quickly enough to make safe decisions. Headaches and vertigo were almost daily events. I was resigned to this being my new post-injury life.

In a serendipitous event, I met someone whose sister had gone through a similar accident, but whose vision had been restored by vision therapy. I was directed to Dr. Iole Taddei, who I can attest, gave me my life back.

After my assessment she gave me exercises to do at home and scheduled me for a return visit a week later. After the first day’s assigned exercises I was able tow all while looking up. The joy of this!! Through her weekly care and my daily exercises, I am now back on my bike, riding up and down the mountain, driving long distances, with no headaches or vertigo. I find this nothing short of miraculous. After nine months of sustained work on my par, I “graduated”. I miss our weekly sessions: the laughs, the warmth, and her brilliant efforts.


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