Recovery After a Brain Injury

Dear Dr. Taddei, I want to write this testimonial to thank you for all the work you’ve don’e with me and to let other people know about how the treatment has affected my life. Due to a severe brain injury in 1998, I suffered a large visual field deficit or blind spot on my right […]

Transformation and Healing

Dear Dr. Taddei We are writing to express our deep gratitude for all that you have done for Rami. After a year of vision training, we marvel at the transformation and healing that has taken place in our son. Seeing Rami curled up on the couch, happily immersed in a book for well over and […]

We Thank You from the Depths of Our Hearts

Dear Dr. Taddei, From the depths of our hearts, we thank you for your wisdom, your knowledge and your dedicated work as and instrument for Rami’s healing. Its been lovely working with you and we will miss your sweet presence in our lives. Qayima, Will and Rami

Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Dear Dr. Iole Taddei and staff, You believed in me – thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!!! I had a bad stroke in June 6, 2000. I was paralyzed on the right side and could not walk to speak at all. After years of physical therapy and speech therapy, I am doing much, […]

Life Is Far More Enjoyable

Dear Iole, I send you many big thank yous for all the help you have given me. Being able to see clearly again has not only been more comfortable but has energized me and life is far more enjoyable. You made our sessions not only challenging but interesting and fun, i always enjoyed being there. […]

I Feel Blessed That We Were Introduced to You

Dear Dr. Taddei, I wanted to thank you again for all of the help and support that you gave to Matthew. You were so encouraging during his sessions and i was so impressed with the program that you set up for him. His endurance for school work has increased remarkably and headaches seem to be […]

Very Optimistic About the Future

Thank you Iole for making a difference in FaFa’s life. You have found what you love to do and you do a tremendous and vital job with compassion and the right about of discipline. We didn’t get to say goodbye and thank you. I guess there is always more you could do but we are […]

Changed My Life for the Better

Dear Dr. Taddei I want you to know how much the eye therapy I have been doing with you for a number of months has changed my life for the better. Since I had a brain tumor removed in 1981 which caused diplopia and necessitated prisms in my glasses to see a single image, i […]

The Results Were More Than We Had Expected

Dear Dr. Taddei: We are so very pleased with our son’s vision therapy. The results were more than we had expected. As a result, Clint’s vision improved 50%, his handwriting improved from illegible to legible, his reading comprehension went to 100% in all areas, non verbal and verbal, but the one thing that has improved […]