Recovery After a Brain Injury

Dear Dr. Taddei,

I want to write this testimonial to thank you for all the work you’ve don’e with me and to let other people know about how the treatment has affected my life.

Due to a severe brain injury in 1998, I suffered a large visual field deficit or blind spot on my right side, caused not by damage to my eyes but to the damaged interaction between my eyes and my brain. After five years of physical, speech, and other therapies, I still suffered form a limited ability to read and an inability to scan effectively or focus due to continuous eye movements. I lost the ability to engage in sports because fast eye movements were impossible – they made me dizzy. You don’t realized how integral reading is to our existence until it become so difficult – not just books and magazines, but also signs, addresses and directions the internet, subtitles, recipes, packages and labels in the grocery store, bills and bank statements. The level of daily effort became enormous.

I learned about Dr. Taddei through the internet, after a friend mentioned Vision Therapy and it triggered my curiosity. Although I was initially skeptical, I had been given no significant hope for further improvement from my doctors, and saw no potential harm in giving this a try. I’m so glad I did. From the first I was impressed by how Dr. Taddei integrates approaches from various traditions, addressing all aspects of brain-eye interaction. She is energetic and knowledgeable. She successfully used many techniques that have enabled me to improve my reading ability dramatically, and eliminated most of the continuous eye movements that caused me such problems. I now find driving to be a lot easier and more relaxing. While before seeing Dr. Taddei reading was such and ordeal that I hardly ever did it, now I am able to read the newspaper. Being in the film industry, I need to be able to read a lot of scripts and treatments for various projects. I am once again able to do this thanks to vision therapy. My retention has improved greatly as well. My eye tracking has improved to the point where I can once again enjoy ping-pong, tennis, basketball and other fast moving sports.

I encourage anyone with visual and/or brain damage issues to explore vision therapy. Its made a world of difference for me.

David W. Preston

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