So Much More Confidence Now

I would like to recommend Dr. Iole Taddei, Vision Therapist, to any parent whose child is trying their best but still struggles with their school work.

My daughter, Aria, was having trouble learning her ABC’s and numbers in kindergarten; advancing to reading and writing was becoming increasingly difficult. Additionally, Aria had a hard time focusing her attention on school tasks and became more practiced in avoidance techniques to delay or reduce her effort.

At our Kindergarten teacher parent conference Ms. Weindy Creath recommended we consult with Dr. Taddei for Vision Therapy. After a thorough functional visual examination Dr. Toddei noted Aria had several visual deficits that significantly impeded her ability to see and process information. Some of the deficits included; and eye that was shutting down; poor ability to track across a page; poor ability to shift her gaze from one object to another (this is necessary in sports where you need to see the ball, the goal and other players in quick succession but also the classroom where a child is often asked to notice and work on several interrelated items in a general area); and poor convergence, that is she was unable to hold her eyes close together when focusing on objects close to her, such as reading or doing math sheets at her desk.

Dr. Taddei identified and worked with Aria on the systems that are related to vision: hand eye coordination, balance, convergence and divergence, eye teaming ability, tracking, and fixating on objects. Aria was given sequential developmental exercises to address all of these areas.

After seeing Dr. Taddei for 10 sessions, Aria made huge leaps in her reading and writing ability. What is more important, she began to enjoy reading and writing. Outside of the classroom Aria also made gains. She had tried soccer the year prior and found the sideline often more interesting than the actual game. This year you can’t keep her off the field and she has no trouble tracking the ball and putting it in the goal.

Dr. Taddei is very specific and thorough with Aria. She is well prepared for each session and uses many games and fun activities to engage Aria. Learned a lot about the visual system during our sessions. It was helpful when Dr. Taddei explained what was happening to Aria and what the specific exercises were addressing. I came to realize that vision therapy is really physical therapy for the eyes.

As you can imagine when there is a visual weakness in a child he or she may become frustrate particularly when the are giving it their best. I remember Aria saying to me early in kindergarten, “Mom, I can’t do what the other kids can do.” How helpful it was when Aria found out why she was having difficulty and how these issues could be solved. She has so much more confidence now and tells me, “First grace is easier than Kindergarten”.

In conclusion, it is well worth talking with Dr. Taddei to find out if your child could benefit from Vision Therapy

Dana Post

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