Thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

Dear Dr. Iole Taddei and staff,

You believed in me – thank you, thank you, thank you for EVERYTHING!!!

I had a bad stroke in June 6, 2000. I was paralyzed on the right side and could not walk to speak at all. After years of physical therapy and speech therapy, I am doing much, much better.

But I had many problems with my eyes and peripheral vision on the right side. Standing straight ahead, I see fine on left but I cannot see anything on my right. So I could not drive…yet.

I began with Dr. Iole Taddei, the Optometrist, in September of 2003. Goals: Get thoughts across better. Read without getting tired and more quickly. Remember what words mean. Seeing single letters. Be able to drive again!

I had several eye exercises everyday, to strengthen my eyes. In February, Dr. Taddei felt that my eyes were much better. I had glasses and she put the prism on the right side; now I can see much more on my right.

With the prism, at first, you see 2 images. If you were on my right, and I turn to you, I first see your image in the prism closer. Then farther on my right, I see the real you. With practicing (awhile), you see only one image. Then, Dr. Taddei felt I was ready to learn to drive again!

I worked with Derrick Scott and they have several adaptive devices. In my case, the right leg and right arm are limited. So the left leg does the work; the break is on the right and the gas pedal is on the left. The left arm has a knob that can be put on the steering wheel, so I can control it with one hand.

Meanwhile, Dr. Taddei had me do several other eye exercises. It was amazing how my eyes were doing so much stronger.

….and finally, 11/22/04, I passed the driving test! Woohoo!

Thank you again Dr. Iole Taddei.

Maureen Twomey

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