Thank You for the Amazing Gift!

Dear Dr. Taddei

We wanted to thank you for the amazing gift you gave our son through the results he attained with vision therapy. The world of books has opened up to him! He now reads whenever he gets a chance. When Caden first began vision therapy, he was a year behind his peers in his journey of learning to read. Since doing vision therapy, he is now ahead of most of his peers and has discovered a love of reading.

In addition we have seen other positive changes. Within weeks of starting vision therapy, Caden became more able to focus on tasked in a way he never had. He became more participatory and attentive in class, even in music class. He physically stilled. These were not signs of ADD but rather challenges to his attention and ability to be still due to his ocular issues.

Most importantly, Caden’s confidence and self-esteem blossomed. Caden evolved form a child who would collapse when fced with a challenge to a child who now faces them head-on with a greater willing ness to struggle and persevere.

We were greatly impressed by your ability to forge a relationship with Caden no matter how hard he tried to resist it. You were creative, playful, supportive, warm and caring. You somehow managed to incorporate fun into the sessions and were thoroughly prepared. You showed a real understanding of who Caden is and remarkable ability to gain his trust and his friendship. I know he misses seeing you regularly.

I would also like to commend Karen who always made us feel so comfortable in your office. She was always very helpful, flexible and welcoming You both were so caring and actually made out whole family feel special. As a family, we all miss seeing both of you.

With deep gratitude and warm regards,
Lissa Bernstein-Lawler, MD, Mark Lawler, MD and family.

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