The Results Were More Than We Had Expected

Dear Dr. Taddei:

We are so very pleased with our son’s vision therapy. The results were more than we had expected.

As a result, Clint’s vision improved 50%, his handwriting improved from illegible to legible, his reading comprehension went to 100% in all areas, non verbal and verbal, but the one thing that has improved dramatically is his desire to read. He is reading every night, reads magazines by the score, and homework time around our house is more pleasant.

Clint is working on his homework independently and doing very well.

I wish that we had found you earlier, it would have alleviated our son’s feelings of failure. Since he found out that it wasn’t really his ability to learn, but his eyes were not functioning as a team, he has developed and air of confidence, for that I cannot than you enough.

I spreading our success or should I say your success with Clint to everyone I know. I only wish the public schools would incorporate your techniques into the schools, a lot more children would improve their grades and start enjoying school.

I have to tell you also, that we felt very nurtured and cared for in your office and you and your staff are great!

I hope you continue in your work, it’s so valuable.


Marie Jarvis

P.S. Clint s enjoying school so much he’s talking about becoming a teacher because “He’s so good in science.” Isn’t that great!

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