Transformation and Healing

Dear Dr. Taddei

We are writing to express our deep gratitude for all that you have done for Rami.

After a year of vision training, we marvel at the transformation and healing that has taken place in our son. Seeing Rami curled up on the couch, happily immersed in a book for well over and hour or sprawled on the floor with piles of paper, excitedly absorbed in a project, is not an uncommon sight in our home now. We remember only too well how, a year ago, he couldn’t read for ten minutes without tiring and how written work was a near impossible task, wrought with tears of frustration. We watch, with amazement and gratitude, Rami swim on the swim team and play baseball, recalling so vividly how disheartening it was a year ago, to observe his almost complete inability to catch or hit a ball. Playing ball was and exercise in frustration; now it is a source of joy and laughter. These new found capacities and skills have seen a blossoming in Rami’s self confidence. It seems as if a cloud has cleared from his consciousness.

Rami really enjoyed his sessions with you. Your created and atmosphere of lightness and openness that we all appreciated. You showed respect and appreciation for for Rami’s uniqueness, enjoyed his sense of humor and playfulness and allowed him to be himself, while demanding that he work hard You embraced him always with compassion and patience. You answered our queries and allayed out concerns with your insights. Yoru program was thoughtfully prepared and grounded in a deep and holistic understanding and knowledge of both the physiology and the therapeutic process.

We thank you froth depths of our heart for you presence, your knowledge, your dedicated work and for serving as and instrument in our son’s healing process. We will most highly recommended you to others.

We wish you may blessings.

Most sincerely,
Qayima and Will Rogers

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