Very Optimistic About the Future

Thank you Iole for making a difference in FaFa’s life. You have found what you love to do and you do a tremendous and vital job with compassion and the right about of discipline. We didn’t get to say goodbye and thank you. I guess there is always more you could do but we are now at Nicosia School and it couldn’t be a better match for FaFa. It feels like a private/public school with only 65 students from K-8th grade. I am teaching Spanish the the K-2nd students and working as a bilingual aide and so some classroom support. I get to begin Fa’s class for 1.1/2 hour every morning! Her new tutor actually works during the school day with her and had arranged the resource teacher’s curriculum exactly around FaFa’s needs. So that had taken a lot off my shoulders. FaFa seem stop be thriving in the structured and academic setting. I am so happy about her school for the 1st time since kindergarten The school has an excellent reputation and we all very optimistic about the future. I know you played a key role in making this happen. I am so glad we found you.

Thank you for your time and patience. Until we meet again.


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