Neuro-Developmental Vision Therapy

Neuro-Developmental Vision TherapySome visual conditions cannot be treated adequately with just glasses, contact lenses and/or patching, and are best resolved through a program of Neuro-Developmental Vision Therapy.

Our evaluations determine the patient’s visual and motor skill level. NDVT is then programmed to meet specific needs for development of proper visual, perceptual and motor abilities.

Neuro-Developmental Vision Therapy is an individualized, supervised, treatment program designed to correct visual-motor and/or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Vision Therapy sessions include procedures designed to enhance the brain’s ability to control:

  • Eye Movement Control
  • Simultaneous Focus at Far
  • Sustaining Focus at Far
  • Simultaneous Focus at Near
  • Sustaining Focus at Near
  • Simultaneous Alignment at Far
  • Simultaneous Alignment at Near
  • Sustaining Alignment at Near
  • Central Vision (Visual Acuity)
  • Peripheral Vision
  • Depth Awareness
  • Color Perception
  • Gross Visual-Motor
  • Fine Visual-Motor
  • Visual Perception
  • Visual Integration

Visual motor skills and endurance are developed through the use of specialized computer and optical devices, including therapeutic lenses, prisms, and filters. During the final stages of therapy, the patient’s newly acquired visual skills are reinforced and made automatic through repetition and by integration with motor and cognitive skills.

NDVT can help those individuals who lack the necessary visual skills for effective reading, writing, and learning (i.e., eye movement and focusing skills, convergence, eye-hand activity, visual memory skills, etc.)

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Vision and Learning 

Binocular Vision

Convergence Insufficiency 

Amblyopia (lazy eye) 

Diplopia (double vision)

Strabismus (cross-eyed, wandering eye, eye turns, etc.)

Stress-related Visual Problems  (Blurred Vision, Visual Stress from Reading and Computers, Eye Strain Headaches, and/or Vision-induced Stomachaches or Motion Sickness)

Visual Rehabilitation for Special Needs (Developmental Delays, Visual Perceptual)

Visual-Motor Deficits, Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders